About Namaste Connections

The idea for Namaste Connections evolved from a twenty-year practice of daily journaling, yoga, mindfulness and, not to be diminished, almost sixty years of


"Living the Full Catastrophe!" -

a life filled with uncertainty, illness, stress, loss, grief alongside joy, hope, love, and connection. 


Through all of it, my practices of yoga and mindfulness have served as a lifeline and helped me to find grace and balance again and again.

As I stretch and gain some wisdom, I find great joy in passing on to my students what I have learned; practices that open my heart and mind, words that help and inspire me, offered with a generous dose of humility and compassion. In these exchanges with my students, I always learn more. Most importantly, through them, I experience a deep sense of connection.


I began to think of the close affiliations with my students as Namaste Connections, moments where we see the face of God in each other.


Scientific research validates what I have come to know at my core  - Namaste Connections are vital to our well being and key to aging with wellness.


Through this site, you'll find -

  • resources on aging issues and attitudes,

  • tools for living with mindfulness,

  • sustainable yoga practices,

  • inspiration to begin again . . . and again!

Namaste Connections is born out of a fire of commitment to share my light. Together may our lives shine with a flame that we carry to all we encounter. 

Namaste ( I honor the light in you),


We're all just walking each other home.  ~ Ram Dass

Connections Matter. 

"What will you do with your one wild and precious life?"

~ Mary Oliver

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