The idea for Namaste Connections evolved from twenty plus years of daily journaling, yoga, mindfulness and, not to be diminished; sixty-plus years of living life, or as Jon Kabat Zinn called it,

"Full Catastrophe Living!"

This description comes from a quote by Zorba in the movie "Zorba, the Greek" when he exclaims his sublime appreciation for the richness of life that includes the complexities of sorrow, joy, love, tragedy, and other ironies.

My mission is to pass on practices of yoga and mindfulness meditation to help older adults find balance and a calm body and mind.

I have been fortunate to have studied with many wise teachers who have shared the practices of yoga and mindfulness with me. These practices have helped me find peace and balance again and again. I love passing them on to others.

Tender heart connections often happen when people meet and share the practices of yoga and meditation. I call those moments, Namaste Connections.

The world needs them. Let's create more. I'm glad you are here.



Laurie Walker, Founder/Owener, Namaster Connections
*You can read about Laurie's background HERE
We're all just walking each other home.  ~ Ram Dass

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