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About Laurie Walker

Through the teachings of mindfulness and yoga, Laurie helps older adults "Find life balance" with accessible practices that promote wellbeing.  These practices are designed to increase resilience and facilitate the navigation of life's ups and downs. 


Laurie's mission is to broaden perceptions of aging by empowering lifelong personal growth and lifting stories of wisdom and transformation about people living in their sixties and beyond. She is a longtime yoga practitioner and holds certifications in Integral, Subtle, and Vini (breath-centered) yoga practices as well as training in Therapeutic Yoga for Seniors from the teachers at Duke Integrative Medicine. Her yoga teachers, Kristine Weber, Erich Schiffman, Kira Sloane, and many more have given her the gift of their knowledge and wisdom, and she loves sharing it with others.

Informed by her work with world-renowned mindfulness teachers, Tara Brach, and Jack Kornfield; Laurie combined her interest in aging with traditional mindfulness practices to develop mindfulness programs and meditation groups that focus on the unique issues of aging. These programs and groups offer tools and support for calming the mind and body, finding purpose and joy, deepening a spiritual connection, managing conflict, and resolving long-held issues.

Laurie's home is in North Carolina where she lives with her Mom and husband with two dogs who run the show. 

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