New Meditation -

Increase your Energy Flow


Morning Meditation

Start your day with peace.











Meditation For Healing

This chant offers healing for yourself and others. The

words are in Sanskrit "Ra Ma Da Sa So Say Hung".

When you repeat them, visualize yourself or

someone who needs these healing words.






Soothing song for contemplation/meditation

Listen with a slow, optimum breathing pattern of an

inhale to 5 counts and an exhale to 5 counts.



Smile meditation.

Inspired by Tara Brach, this meditation calms and refreshes with the simple act of smiling!

Body Scan for Sleep

Getting enough sleep is essential to well being. Get cozy and enjoy a twelve minute scan that will gradually relax the body and prepare you for a good night's sleep.

Meditation for Energy Flow

A seated, guided moving meditation to loosen the muscles and increase your flow of energy.

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