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Serendipity happens.

I'm still amazed by the internet as a powerful tool for positive connection. When I decided on the name Namaste Connections for my blog, I searched and found a painting of the same name by an artist named Phillip Noyed. I contacted this talented artist by email through his website and eventually spoke with him by phone. A Namaste Connections print of his painting now brightens the wall above my fireplace and serves as a constant reminder that we are all connected. Each of us shining our own unique light.

Phillip and I are on the same page in different places. I love when that happens. Here’s his description of the painting:

Namaste Connections is about honoring the divinity of others and discovering the divinity and peace within oneself.

He uses many symbols found in Buddhism such as the Tibetan singing prayer bowl, the “All Powerful 10” Mantra representing the cosmos, the 8-Spoked Wheel representing the Buddha’s Dharma, and the blue star used in 91-point guided meditation.

Mindful writing practice: Write about a painting or any other type of artwork that inspires you.

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