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The Artist’s Way, A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity By Julia Cameron

The Artists Way

This year celebrates the 25th anniversary of this 12-week course on Discovering and Recovering Your Creative Self. The Artist’s Way has become an inspirational classic, helping millions to explore their own creativity.

Read to Discover

Your creative self

Results oriented exercises to draw out your potential

Activities that encourage your best to shine through

Ways to get “unstuck”!


Morning Pages

This essential activity is the pillar of The Artist’s Way. The method is to write three pages of whatever comes to mind, immediately upon waking up. That’s it. Whatever comes up. Write it down. Three pages. Every day. Don’t worry about spelling or reviewing it. Keep it private and let it out. Every day.

My experience:

“Morning pages” are the cornerstone for Namaste Connections’ recommended daily routine as found on the site. I have written daily morning pages for over ten years. This active meditation acts like windshield wipers for you brain. It anchors, balances and clears space for you to live each day with meaning and purpose.

The Artist Date

Julia Cameron describes the Artist Date “as a block of time, perhaps two hours weekly, especially set aside and committed to nurturing your creative consciousness, your inner artist”. The original form of the artist date is a weekly planned solo excursion just for fun. Julia says: “You cannot afford not to find time for artist dates.”

My experience:

I have had intermittent success with maintaining my Artist Date in its pure form. It may not always be possible to take a short trip. I do recommend keeping it solo and a duration of at least two hours of doing something that inspires and delights you . Examples could be watching a good movie, reading or listening to a good book, a do-it-yourself project, trying a new recipe. More examples of both at home activities or excursions can be found in the Namaste Connections blog under Dates with Wonder.


In the book’s sidebars are thought provoking and inspiring quotes to ponder . . .


Creativity and Spirituality

Julia Cameron encourages the reader to keep an open-mind in her explanation about God as the Great Creator. To make her approach more inclusive the author says: “When the word God is used in these pages, you may substitute the thought Good Orderly Direction or flow. What we are talking about is creative energy”. She believes creativity is our true nature and offers a scientific approach of experimentation and observation that encourages a connection with a spiritual flow of ideas or a Higher Power.

When You Lose You Also Gain

We are reminded in this book that a beginning follows every ending. Grief can stop us from moving forward to that new beginning. It’s hard to see ahead when you and in pain and it is frightening to start over. Julia is real and raw about revealing her personal losses and many beginnings.


The author describes crazymakers as the kind of people who can take over your whole life. They are “long on problems and short on solutions”! They are complainers and drama makers. Her advice – stay away from them!


This book gave me the permission and courage to be creative. I never thought of myself in that way and it was life changing. It’s the reason I am writing these words to you. I have read The Artist Way and worked through the exercises once by myself, another time with a small group and a third time with a friend. The most valuable experience was with a friend. We set a time to meet and discuss questions from the book and shared our responses to some of the activities. We spent both time alone to explore and time together. Each time I felt refreshed and added some new life enhancing practices. I highly recommend joining with a friend!

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