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Start With Why

Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action

By Simon Sinek

One of the most watched TED Talks is Simon Sinek’s,

“How great leaders inspire action”.

Though its message is geared toward corporations and entrepreneurs; active doers in life’s second half can benefit too. We would be well served to approach our lives with the same tenacity as a start-up entrepreneur! Once a career no longer sets your agenda, an opportunity to find and live with purpose and meaning opens. It’s up to each of us to lead our own way. Simon Sinek says – Start With Why.


  • A science based model for making decisions

  • Empowering wisdom for the individual spirit


Carrots and Sticks

Sinek argues that neither carrots nor sticks work in terms of changing behavior. Both are manipulations. You can give yourself incentives to have a healthy lifestyle or instill fear by focusing on the possible negative effects of your habits. These may work in the short run but do not result in lasting change. The author uses the example of the rise in gym memberships at the beginning of the year and the small percentage of members who remain at the end. The ones that remain found the formula to live inspired.

Golden Circle

The golden circle is a pattern of behavior based on neuroscience. As seen in the model, there are three circles. Each of them each play a role in behavior.


This model explains that behavior is most successful when it’s fueled by messages that connect to the limbic portion of the brain, which governs emotional behavior and decision making. Sinek says success comes through working from the inside out. If you can answer his question – “Why do you get out of bed in the morning”; you know you are leading your life with your purpose.


How you achieve your desired behavior relates to your personal strengths and what you value.


What relates to your actions. If you don’t have a guiding reason for your actions, you will be less motivated to keep doing it.


Start With Why reminds me of Joseph Campbell's Follow your Bliss. What makes you excited to get out of bed each day? We practice mindful behavior to keep connecting to our WHY.

Mindful Writing practice:

To help you spark thinking about your why, answer these questions.

What do you care about?

Why do you care about it?

How will it help those you love?

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