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What's your next Hero's Journey?

Each time we tackle something challenging and meaningful, a quest begins. Joseph Campbell called such a quest a Hero's Journey.

Joseph Campbell is one of my heros. He wrote much about living with passion. In fact, he originated the popular phrase - "Follow your bliss". Joe sits on a top spot of my family wisdom tree. He reminds me that we are all connected and we're at our best when we share our hard won wisdom with others.

With every breath there's opportunity. When we strive to adapt to new situations, we grow, renew and gain new wisdom. Here's the stages of each journey:

  • Challenge

  • Mission Begins

  • Support and Guidance

  • Barriers

  • Discoveries

  • Adaptations

  • Renewal

  • Wisdom.

The "juice" or the best stuff, is in sharing your wisdom. There are challenges unique to aging. Our bodies change and we experience significant challenging life events; retirement, losing people we love, and sometimes abilities. Everyone has a story from life's experiences. Your story empowers others along their path. We can learn from each other.

We will be sharing the journeys of some of our readers. Perhaps you'll share some of your own with us one day!

Mindful Writing Practice: Recall a life change that caused you to find a different way of being. Did you work through the stages of a hero's journey? What did you learn that you could share with others?

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