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Meditation of Gratitude

Here's a meditation of gratitude from Aging as a Spiritual Practice to offer as a peaceful way to begin or end your day.

We say thank you all the time to others. This is about saying thank you to the small and great joys that surround you.

1. Light a candle if you'd like and get comfortable.

2. Pause to remind yourself of your intention of gratitude.

3. Fully exhale then take a breath in say, "Thank you", either aloud or silently.

4. Exhale and let an image of a kindness come to your mind and pause for a few moments. Returning to relaxed breathing.

5. Repeat the process, saying again, "Thank you". Picture perhaps another kindness or the recent beauty of the clouds in the sky, the clean water from your faucet or the warmth a favorite cozy blanket.

6. Repeat the process for a total of five thank you's.

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