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What's the big deal about Mindfulness?

Much has been written about Mindfulness. There’s good reason. It is a simple concept with a myriad of positive results. As we live, we can be sure of one thing – change.

When you are mindful, you don’t waste time wishing for things to be as they were, you work with the present and let the practice work for you.

So, what is it really?

Mindfulness is about attention, awareness, an open heart, wisdom, and ongoing practice.


Showing up for your life, taking time during your day to offer your full attention to the moment – undistracted and present.


Being aware of the value of your actions and how they influence the world around you.

Open Heart

Stay open moments of wonder, connection and love.


Recognize your natural wisdom and take meaning from your experience and lessons from others to guide your journey.


Fully participate in your life, taking care of your needs and those of others.

Above all, Mindful Living is about taking about action throughout each day to be present. Remember we do not always get the opportunity to choose what happens in our lives, but we can always choose how we respond!

Experience the power of Mindfulness - Try the short Thank You Practice on this site today!

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