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Life After Death

Audrey died and I wish I could go to her funeral. Not because I really knew her that well, she's a close friend of my close friend. Not even because I could find another reason to go again to the place of her beloved home, Cozumel.

But, because I'm curious to know more about her life and come to know the people who loved her. From the small glimpses I got of Audrey's life - two times at her home and through stories told; I know Audrey was interested and interesting. She liked to have a good time - it was never too early for a bloody mary with friends.

Most of all, Audrey possessed a great capacity to connect good people both in her two homes of Toronto and Cozumel and around the world. She knew how to create something we all desire, a sense of belonging. She found threads and wove them into community. What a wonderful legacy. May it continue to grow!

Here is a poem in honor of Audrey, written by my friend Marilin, who at age 80 recently decided to explore her creative writing side.


Life After Death

Being in the flow - Effortless creation Wendell Berry’s Self forgetfulness. Magic occurs - Running, painting, writing - On a mountain top - Sitting by a stream - Times before death of Simply self and earth - Heralding the day We continue creation - Eternally

~Marilin Campbell

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