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the blue songbird

The world asks everyone the same question.

"What singest thou?"

~Walt Whitman

the blue songbird by Vern Kousky delightfully reveals how one small bird finds her song and unfolds a universal truth.

Children's books take me to a place within myself where both innocence and the sense of things yet to be discovered live. There is a safe sense of enchantment as I turn their pages with anticipation and wonder -

What will happen next?

A few books from childhood still remain on my shelves along with one or two from the days when I read each night to my own children. They remained untouched until a time in my life when I yearned the kind of comfort, delight and wisdom that only a children's book can offer.

As things often happen, about the same time I rediscovered my books, I newly discovered a kindred spirit in Maria Popova and her site, where she often reviews children's books. I often take her lead in choosing which books I read, both adult and children's literature. I felt such unabashed pride when I chose the blue songbird while searching the children's books at my local independent bookstore and a couple weeks later Maria reviewed it. Here is her gorgeous review.

There is an excitement that I feel when I browse the children's section of my independent bookstore, Main Street Books in Davidson, NC. The experience evokes the same childlike excitement I felt when selecting books to read at the library as a young girl. I'm still thrilled by the artistry, promise of new ideas and exploration held within the pages.


The story begins with the little blue songbird feeling lost and distraught because she can't find her own song. She leaves what she knows and flies far away from her home island to begin a quest for answers.

The blue songbird seeks wisdom from everyone she meets. From a clever crow to a wise old owl. No one could tell her the song she should sing.

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Instead she received wisdom from everyone she met. From the collective wisdom she found her song.

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We can all learn from the quest of the blue songbird. It's time to sing your song!

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