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Love, by Matthew de la Pena

Love, written by the Newberry Award Winning author Matt de La Pena and illustrated by Noren Long, is sure to become a classic with it's moving, inclusive story of how love connects and supports us in times of joy and darkness from the day we are born throughout childhood and beyond. The essential and tender comfort evoked by its universal message is a balm for the soul.

With subtle and exquisite simplicity de la Pena touches on moments of joy and sorrow with the connecting power of love as the supporting character in all parts of our lives. As one reviewer wrote, de la Pena "shouts quietly" with a message that the sense of belonging created by love provides resilience when times are difficult.

The love found in this book is not the romantic love. It's the wider view of Love, a warm and binding connection.

The story starts with the first sounds of love:

"In the beginning there is light and two wide-eyed figures standing near the foot of your bed, and the sound of their voices is love."

Love connects us during times of joy.

It grows in the everyday connections.

Love surrounds you in tragedy and pain.

Love is alive even after it has been lost.

Love exists in moments of quiet.

Love is in "the face staring back in the bathroom mirror".

Love follows you through your life.

"Your loved ones will stand there like puddles beneath their umbrellas, holding you tight and kissing you and wishing you luck."

"But it won't be luck you'll leave with. Because you'll have love."

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