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The Power of a Smile

In Love 2.0, Dr. Barbara Fredrickson writes: "The daily moments of connection with others are "the tiny engines that drive the upward spiral between positivity and health." These moments can happen with a mere exchange of smile.

Professor Fredrickson’s research has proven that as you increase these micro-moments, you are physically changed for the better. As we learned in Love 2.0, science shows that the functioning of your vagus nerve, which connects the brain to the heart, improves as you have more positive micro-moments. The rhythm of your heart becomes healthier.

Micro-moments are biological imperatives. Fredrickson writes: "They give life in the same way that the right combination of sunlight, soil and earth, gives life to plants."

Micro-moment Practice - Three Loving Connections - from Love 2.0

As your day unfolds, seek out three opportunities to connect with others with warmth, respect, and goodwill. These opportunities can happen at home, where you volunteer or work, in your neighborhood, at the gym, in the library, grocery store; you get the idea! Wherever you are, open toward others, freely offering your attention, creating a sense of safety through eye contact, a smile, conversation or if appropriate a kind touch on the shoulder or hand. Share a lighthearted thought or feeling such as - "Isn't it a nice day?, "What a great sale!", "Have you read this book?" or whatever is appropriate for your location. Stay connected long enough for the other person to respond back. It sounds so simple, yet these small interactions can change the course of your day.

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