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Big Wolf & Little Wolf

Big Wolf & Little Wolf finishes our month of focus on the many forms of love. This story combines vibrant art from Olivier Tallec with Nadine Brun-Cosme's sensitive purity of words to describe how an unexpected friendship can grow into a life changing connection. Readers are encouraged by this gentle tale of solitude, vulnerability, risk and reward to live with an open heart.

Maria de Popova offers this quote in her review of Big Wolf & Little Wolf:

"With great subtlety and sensitivity, the story invites a meditation on loneliness, the meaning of solidarity, the relationship between the ego and the capacity for love, and the little tendrils of care that become the armature of friendship."


This story begins when Big Wolf's solitude is broken by visit from afar.

Not knowing how big this visitor could be, Big Wolf was concerned. He was surprised and relieved to see a little wolf.

Both were curious about each other, but hesitant.

By nightfall, Big Wolf was not too happy that Little Wolf was still under his tree. Yet, compassion won over when he saw Little Wolf was shivering, so he shared a corner of his leaf blanket.

Big Wolf had a morning exercise routine, Little Wolf started following Big Wolf up the tree to join him. At first, Big Wolf was worried that Little Wolf might be a better climber. He softened again when he saw Little Wolf struggle, fall and try again. He admired Little Wolf's bravery. They exercised together.

At lunchtime, Big Wolf shared a plate of fruit with Little Wolf.

After he ate, Big Wolf went for his usual walk. As he walked, he checked back a couple of times to see if Little Wolf was still under the tree. He was. Big Wolf smiled to himself each time. As Big Wolf entered the forest, he could no longer see Little Wolf. As soon as he came back out of the forest, he checked again. No one. For the for the first time, Big Wolf was uneasy and sad.

Big Wolf looked for Little Wolf every day. He waited and thought about how he would share more and be kinder if Little Wolf returned. He even waited through the winter.

Then one day a tiny blue dot appeared. Big Wolf's heart beat with joy.

Big Wolf told Little Wolf he was lonely without him.

Little Wolf said he was lonely too. They decided he would stay from now on.

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