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We Found a Hat, by Jon Klassen

I am in love with this book by Jon Klassen. With just a simple change of direction in the eyes of the main characters, two tortoises, and concise and clever dialogue, we can see how the power of deep friendship outweighs materials things.

The kind of friendship the two wise tortoises share centers them down to what's most important.

Each other.


It begins when the two tortoises find a cool hat. There is a problem. There is only one hat.

And it looks good on both of them!

So, what to do?

They decide it wouldn't be right for only one of them to have the hat.

They reluctantly leave it.

Sunset comes and the quiet beauty of it captures their attention. But not for long, one of them starts thinking about the hat.

Soon it is time to go to sleep and when things get quiet, minds wander!

It's hard to stop the mind from going back to unresolved matters.

One of the friends finds a solution.

With that kind of friendship, who needs a hat?

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