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Little Dog's Rhapsody in the Night

Poet Mary Oliver said: “Because of the dog’s joyfulness, our own is increased". I am pleased to share Mary Oliver's poem, Little Dog's Rhapsody in the Night, which captures the spirit of the sweet agreement between me and each of my dogs - Tuffy, Lucy, Daisy, Sadie, and Doogan.

If you have seen my instagram feed you have seen evidence of my love for my dogs, all five of them! (It's a long story and deserves its own separate blog post.) Here's a few pictures until then. Mary Oliver's poem follows.

Little Dog's Rhapsody in the Night

It is no small gift.”He puts his cheek against mine and makes small, expressive sounds. And when I’m awake, or awake enough

he turns upside down, his four paws in the air and his eyes dark and fervent.

“Tell me you love me,” he says.

“Tell me again.”

Could there be a sweeter arrangement? Over and over he gets to ask. I get to tell.

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