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Meditation Made Easy

How do you spell serendipity? "F - R - I - E - N - D"

A friend sent a poetic guide to meditation to me that she found on the internet. What she did not know is that Erich Schiffman is my first and most influential meditation teacher. His gentle and light hearted approach to meditation made it seem like someone as wired up as me could do it! Like the author of this poem, I too attended a workshop with Erich in beautiful Yellow Springs, Ohio. This is where I remember Erich saying - "Hey, sometimes I just sit in the bathtub, letting the water run, close my eyes and breathe." or "Just put a few extra pillows behind your head when you sit up in the morning and relax." Meditation made available. Thank you Papa Schiffman.

ERICH SCHIFFMANN'S MEDITATION INSTRUCTIONS: (culled from notes taken at Erich Schiffmann's Yellow Springs 2013 workshop)

From the blog of Claudia Cummins Get grounded. Wobble. Grow tall. Breathe. Let the top of your head bloom open. Let everything bloom open. Relax. Breathe in with full awareness. Breathe out with full awareness. Be as tension free as you can be. Let go. Let go more. Let go until there's nothing left. Relax slides into Relief slides into Calm slides into Peace. Peace slides into Clarity slides into Knowing slides into Love. Feel loved. Feel lovely. Be love. Be wide open. Let knowing flow in. Be the place where love flows through. There is only light and energy. Life only, in infinite display. Only the eternal, ongoing, bubbly, forever now.

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