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Take a Break!

Daniel Pink's book, When, the Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing, holds so many pearls of wisdom that a simple book review did not do it justice! As a mindfulness practitioner, I firmly believe in the necessity of taking intentional, centering breaks even if you are spending the day at home. Daniel offers a menu of breaks from which you can pick and choose. Here's a few that I found interesting. Enjoy!

1. Micro-breaks - A micro-break can be a short as a minute or less. Here's some you can try.

- 20 - 20 - 20 Break: If you are working on an intense task, every twenty minutes, every twety minutes look at something twenty feet away for twenty seconds. This is a great way to rest your eyes.

- Wiggle and wobble: Stand up for a minute, shake legs and arms. rotate, move your body!

2. Moving Breaks

- Five minute walk every hour, especially when you are feeling lethargic.

- Chair Yoga: Raise your arms in the air as you inhale and exhale as your arms lower.

3. Nature Breaks

- Walk outside

- Sit outside

- Bring the outside in by putting plants in your home. Give them a drink of water.

4. Social Breaks

- Phone a friend

- Walk around your neighborhood and talk to whomever you meet, go to a local coffee shop or bookstore

5. Mental Gear-Shifting Breaks

- Meditate

- Controlled breathing

- Listen to a comedy show or podcast.

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