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Field Notes

Every morning I write to remember, to forget, to understand, to mark the days and to pay attention. My process is to write by hand then decide what makes it to the computer for this blog. Conversion is the issue. My morning thoughts are jumbled and they're meant just for me. Sometimes blog ideas arise out of the processing, but that's not their purpose.

In addition to a daily notebook, many bloggers carry around small notebooks to jot down thoughts throughout the day. Austin Kleon, author of Steal Like An Artist uses an assortment of notebooks. Moleskine is one of his favorites. Some writers swear by index cards and one, James Altucher, carries around a waiter's pad.

I'm always on the lookout for the right note taking tool, one that fits in the side pocket of a hand bag and is easily accessible. Daniel Pink recommends Field Notes. I'm trying them out. They're a little pricey, so I have some skin in the game. He sold me with his short video that affirms the power of writing by hand.

Here's to beginning again!

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