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Dr. Suess' My Book about Me

This is no ordinary book. If I would have gotten it as a child, I would have been secretly afraid of it. Who writes in a book? Hours were spent as a child laboring over my textbooks with an eraser, removing all evidence of an occasional equation or word carelessly marked inside. What if they charge me for the book?! Worse yet, what if they don't give me my report card? What will my parents say?

Leave it up to Dr. Suess to encourage children to break the rules. This book requires you to draw paste and write in it. Better yet; you get to dream, imagine and make your own choices. You are no longer a child. You are a person with thoughts, ideas and opinions. It's no wonder this was artist, Questlove's, favorite childhood book. He carried it around like it was his own creation. And it was.

Once you put your spin in it, it becomes your autobiography.

I wish they had one for adults.

Maybe they do and this is it. Write your own story!

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