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Resolutions vs Intentions? What's the best way to stay fired up in 2019?

The turning of the year can be a daunting time. The pressure begins as the holiday gift commercials make way for weight loss, exercise equipment and smoking cessation offers. Even if you are happy with your weight and don't smoke, somehow they make you feel like you need a new you. The noise is hard to ignore regardless of whether you make resolutions.

“January 1, 2019”

It's an arbitrary date; yet, for most of us, it feels like a new beginning. There is a feeling of purity, hope and possibility in a New Year - a blank canvas to be filled by our imagination.

Four years ago, I began a practice of setting a one-word intention instead of creating a resolution for the New Year. I have found this approach allows me to be more focused on meaning and purpose and on who or what I care deeply about, rather than on some fixed outcome.

Here's a comparison:


An intentional approach is a year long committment to examining your day to day life - and deciding how you spend your time or show up for your commitments and the people you care deeply about.


Resolutions are set on a fixed outcome and often lack the structure necessary for conitinuity past a few weeks.

After almost sixty years on this earth I have made a few New Years resolutions. For many years, this was my well worn experience:

Decide to change every bad habit, fail in short time, get disappointed in myself , wait until the next New Year, try it again.


Here's how to choose an intention and maintain a fire of committment in 2019 . . .


choose your intention

Step 1:

Use the list of words below to generate your intention. Pick five words that resonate with your thoughts and feelings about how you want to live your life in 2019.


Step 2:

Take time to decide areas of your life that need a fresh approach. It can help to journal and see what topics pop up.


Step 3:

Narrow your selection to the word that best describes how you want to approach these topics.


STAY LIT within

1. Write it Down!

Place your word in multiple places where you will get frequent reminders. I like writing on my bathroom mirror.

2. Create a visual.

Create a visual with cut-out pictures as shown in the 2016 and 2017 pictures or with a computer as in the 2018 picture, (created in Canva).

2018 - WONDER


2016 - CREATE

3. Journal

Start or continue a daily journaling practice to keep your intention relevant and lively. Focus on how you can infuse your activities and interactions with your intention.

4. Reflect

Spend time in reflection, prayer, meditation or sitting in quiet for a few moments each day to keep your intention at the forefront of your thoughts.

If you have questions, please don't hesitate to contact me!!


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