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This Might Be My Funeral Song

No matter how far wrong you’ve gone

you can always

turn around ~ Bill Callahan

There is an aching and hopeful tenderness in the prophetic lyrics of Bill Callahan's (aka "Smog") song, "I'm New Here".

Gill Scott-Heron's cover of "I'm New Here" has been background mind music since I first heard it. Austin Kleon says he'd love to have it played at his funeral.

He has great taste in music.

Please listen here. You may want to hear it again and again.

At the two-week mark into 2019, some of us may thinking about turning around. It's even taken some time for my mind to wrap around the 2019 intention, Connection. I'm finally getting into the groove. Maybe too much.

I cannot NOT see connections.

That's how bad or good it is. Right now I feel like like I'm playing a weird game of Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon in my head. I see a connection between everything! But, though it's making me a little crazy at the moment, I'm not giving up on it. That's one of great things about a theme as opposed to resolution. There's flexibility. In fact, even if you did choose a resolution that is getting more difficult to maintain; maybe you'll consider trying an intention. It's never too late to turn around.

Turn around, turn around, turn around And you may come full circle And be new here again

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