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The Power of a Single Moment

Most of us have had a powerful singular moment in which we were so overcome by the beauty of an experience that mere words weren't enough to describe it. While teaching a yoga class, I had an unforgettable experience that propelled me to take a deeper dive into teaching and writing about "wisdom-learned" as I am aging. I wanted my logo to capture that moment. So, I tried to draw it again and again.

If you were to look inside my journals over the past few years; you would see countless drawings, all attempts to capture my emotions of that moment. You can see why I needed a graphic designer! Along the way, I worked with a couple of designers who drew their own versions. I used some of their designs for a while. But my newsletter, blog, and teaching are so integral to my personal experiences; no one seemed to be able to capture that defining moment, the reason why I started Namaste Connections. This project required an artist who intimately understood the possibility of a singular life-enhancing moment.

I'll try to describe it for you . . . It happened one Saturday morning during an early yoga class filled with students who had been coming to practice with me for a couple of years. Well into our practice, we came into a pose that reflects ultimate courage and vulnerability - a Five Pointed Star.

At that moment: I looked into the faces of these beautiful souls, And felt overcome by their stories and their courage . . . Some were struggling with cancer - their own or loved ones', Another with Parkinson's. One was a newcomer to the area, Another about to move out-of-state. There was a runner in training for a marathon, Another whose body wouldn't let him run anymore. A friend was there grieving for her beloved dog, As well as someone who, for years, had been taking care of a loved one who had Alzheimer's.

In that Moment We Paused We stood in joy and courage; our hands held high, hearts open, feet in a strong, wide base, Breathing and feeling the strength and stretch in our bodies, Together - Fearless and Joyful.

Within me rose a strong surge of connection to every being in that room. Tears came to my eyes as I remembered the three words one of my teachers used to say -

"I see you".

Yes, I thought, I see you. I see your joys and sorrows. I see you shining "anyway" or "because of". I am honored and humbled to be your teacher. You make me want to be a better teacher, to continue to be present, learn and pass it on. Whoopi Goldberg says; "As we get older, our purpose should be to keep throwing lit torches over our shoulders." I like to imagine a light at our heart's center that radiates out to others as we share our strength, wisdom, and compassion. This is a Namaste Connection - when we honor or see the light in each other. Life's a crazy, wild ride. I'm catching torches and throwing them to you, so we can continue to:

Stay Lit for Life! our whole lives. I am grateful for the connection with my friend, artist and fellow yogi, Sandra Lopes, who understood the power of my moment and captured it in lines and colors.

She created a logo that expresses a radiant and open heart; warm at the center and balanced by an energized blue as it reaches out to others with encouragement to Stay Lit for Life!

Namaste, Sandra, I honor your radiant light.

Namaste to my students who inspire me every day,

I see you.

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