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One Story Away From Falling in Love - Part One

While in Boston this Summer; my Mom, Son, his girlfriend, and I boarded a tour bus that took us through all the neighborhoods. Besides the requisite shot of my family in front of Cheers,

one of my favorite images from the trip is of a sign hung with an optimisitic intention at a construction site.


It could have been any other grafitti, I'm glad it was that.

A couple of months later, when it came time to enliven a long-held idea for a talk about breaking down the walls we build between us, I thought of this sign.

Intuitively I know that positive images connect us. While doing research for the talk, I discovered the organization, Envision Kindness,

whose mission is based on science that supports that thought. Set up by a Physician/Scientist and his son who describes himself as "Not a Physician!", Envision Kindness has an photo contest

which solicits images, like the one at the construction site. The bespoken images from the winners "inspire kindness, empathy, and compassion". I decided to make a slideshow of them to include in my talk.

In my fervor to convince listeners that we can build bridges between each other and possibly feel a sense of connection and love for someone with whom we disagree; I had enough ideas for four separate talks. This did not include the slideshow.

Unfortunately, when the day of the talk came, I tried to do everything at once. A few heads nodded. It was not one of my best cohesive efforts; and, by the end, I'm not sure I convinced anyone who was still awake!

However, people did pay attention to and enjoy the slideshow of images from the Envision Kindness contest. I'm glad.

Sometimes images are enough.

My dear and kind friends, give yourselves a stress break and enjoy photos that offer proof that compassionate humanity is always present somewhere in our confused world. Let's hold onto that hope and keep trying to find some threads of connection every day. I believe our survival depends on it.

I'm not giving up on it!

Stay lit for life! The world needs us.


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