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Love May Be Our Only Way Out - One Story Away - Part Two

Envision Kindness

In Part One of the series, "One Story Away From Falling in Love", we explored the work of Envision Kindness. Their mission is uncomplicated, yet powerfully effective. With so much negativity in today's media, the positive imagery shared through their annual photo contests is a respite for the soul. The inspiring pictures connect us with stories of compassion. They make me fall in love over and over again, like the one above.

In Part Two, I'd like to go a step deeper - from an organization that uses pictures to spread compassion to one that asks people to use more face time and less screen time, The Neighborhood Project.

The Founder describes their work this way: "Caring for the world and each other enough to ask the question: 'What matters most?"

Images can stir kindness, but listening asks us to find compassion in the moment. It's hard work, but I believe it's time to have some difficult conversations. We are at a crossroads - the chaotic news cycle is keeping us in a state of anxiety. Many are overwhelmed and feel helpless, stressed, and depressed. I hear it from my students and see the physical consequences in their bodies. I feel it too.

The Neighborhood Project offers tools that can help you take action where you live. This action takes place in defining crossroads - neighborhoods. With the use of talks, films, art and music, people are circling up in living rooms all over the country and finding common ground.

Take a look at their work in the video below.

If you are interested in starting your own project, become a member and you will get access to their films, events and podcasts. It is currently free! Click here to find out more.

One project participant said: "The world is dying for stuff done out of love."

Love may be our only way out.

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