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Surrender! - Push Away Perfectionism

Signs were everywhere.

The first came in an online yoga class I took from one of my favorite teachers.

Her message?

"Do That Thing!"

We all have that thing - something that we put off with our excuses.

It's too hard!

People will judge me!

I don't know how!

I'm too busy!

The second sign arrived in the mail. I opened a package to find a book from the same author who's first book, Steal Like an Artist, encouraged me to launch my website. The new book is Austin Kleon's third. Through Kleon's blog I have followed his struggles related to finding book ideas and time to write. I happily preordered it months ago and its arrival couldn't have been better timed.

The book title?

Keep Going!

The third sign came from a guest speaker I heard at church. She told about the conception and creation of the "Kindness Closet". This idea was born out of a desire to teach her young children about service for others. The physical closet is a wooden cabinet that holds donated essential hygiene items, some not covered by food stamps. Diapers are one of those items. The closet is in the middle of a local community park and is open to anyone in need.

As the speaker talked about the project; I thought of all the reasons it was a bad idea.

My mind said something like this:

"She is too trusting."

"Some jokers who don't need the help are probably scamming the process !"

I had more negative thoughts, but you get the idea.

I'm sure the closet's creator heard from many detractors like me.

She did it anyway.

And, guess what?

Her children are learning about service and so are hundreds of other small children who have baked and sold cookies to raise money for the necessary items as well as helped to stock and organize the closet.

The fourth and final sign came during a conversation with my husband. Out of the blue he quoted Voltaire; well, almost.

He said, "Don't let perfection get in the way of good enough".

OK, I surrender!

For someone who considers herself to be somewhat free spirited, I have a bad case of perfectionism. It paralyzes me to the point of inaction. Most frequently it shows up when I want to do something creative and I don't feel good enough.

Surely there's another book I need to study, before I do that thing! Not trusting myself, I over prepare, over think, start and stop and don't fully execute.

That thing for me is writing. Everytime I write for someone else's eyes, I do it scared.

I'm doing it anyway.

The signs are clear.

I hope this is a sign for you,

Do that thing!

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