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When Your Song Comes On

Every once in awhile I urgently need to hear my latest favorite song - over and over. The favorites change depending on my current mindframe.

A University of Michigan study showed that most of the songs preferred by repeat listeners were ones that energized them.

I have put the song, Ants Matching, by Dave Matthews Band to the test countless times with great results.

The second most preferred songs, according to the study, were the bittersweet ones. In fact, when they were chosen for repeat they were played more times than the happy ones.

For me that would be true for the song, Please Pardon Me, by Chaka Khan on the Rufusized album. I've played mega repeats countless times. It's a song about two old friends meeting. I love the raw longing of the lyrics and, of course, Chaka Khan's powerful bluesy voice.

Many people say that watching or listening to something again and again increases their mindfulness and improves their creative work. In a Tim Ferriss podcast with Matt Mullenweg, CEO of Automattic, (think WordPress) he describes how he plays a song on repeat while he works. The song becomes white noise for him.

I prefer a cozy British Masterpiece Murder episode playing in the background when I'm writing. Music engages my brain and makes me sing! If you've watched any of my practice videos, you know singing is my second nature. There's usually a song ready to sing in my head without much encouragement.

Do you have a favorite repeat song or show?

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