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Pick a Dandelion - Change The World

This is a picture of a flower I found growing through the stone pavement of a busy outdoor hotel terrace.

It reminded me of the book, Sidewalk Flowers, a wordless, poetic picture book about a mindful young girl who found and shared the beauty she found in the cracks of sterile city concrete. Sometimes small children can be the wisest teachers.

Be sure to watch the short book trailer at the end of this post.

While walking through a city with her distracted father, the young girl gathers flowers along their path and makes a tender bouquet of her treasures.

Once her bouquet is full, the little girl begins to distribute the joy that she has found.

A few are given as a memorial to a dead bird lying on the sidewalk.

A man sleeping on a park bench gets a couple, as does a dog on a leash who

stands alone, ignored by its owner. The child continues to spread joy when she gets home where her mother and siblings benefit from her gifts.

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