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Windmills, Whales and Kettle Ponds

Just before the first edge of Summer, I crossed over the Sagamore Bridge and passed into the natural beauty of Cape Cod, Massachussets.

From windmills, whales and kettle ponds to cranberry bogs and flowers that delighted Thoreau; the sights, sounds and connections during the week I spent on Cape Cod wove textured and cherished memories.

Four of us, ages 8 to 80, took the road trip. The youngest was on her way to spend a week with her grandmother in West Hartford, Connecticutt and the other three - me, my mother and a long time friend were off for a week at "The Cape".

While on the road, I read aloud parts of The Summer Book by Tove Jannsson; an unplanned experience that turned out to be a little magical. The scenes and stories of this wise little novel come from the author's childhood adventures on a small island in the Gulf of Finland. They created anticipation for our own.

Please read The Summer Book if you haven't had the chance. It has so much to say about the tender, mixed emotions of growing, aging at both sides of the human experience. Plus, you will laugh aloud! You can read my review here.

This vacation hit the important boxes for me - connection to nature, art, friends and family. On the island I was joined by my son and his fiance and spent time with dear friends who live there. See a few of the highlights below.





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