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Mind Full of Food

This week I decided to put an end to ice cream and candy for awhile since my movement during the Summer is not keeping up with my calorie intake! My substitute for one meal and a snack is juice, sort of. It looks more like thick green pea soup. Naturally, The New Yorker magazine arrives with this bright ice cream cover on day one of my five-day regimen.

I like to think food doesn't occupy much of my thoughts and really, it doesn't; not my conscious thoughts anyway. I'm a mindless eater - reaching for food out of stress. I don't eat a lot at one time, I graze throughout the day. That's fine if your drinking green glop - so I am. Wish me luck.

Andi Puddicombe, author of The Headspace Guide to Meditation and Mindfulness, tells of a funny time when he became obsessed by ice cream during lunchtime at a monastary in this video.

You can read my review of Andi's book here. If you haven't seen his TED talk, "All It Takes Is Ten Mindful Minutes", it's also worth the watch!

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