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Bounce Back - A focus on Resilience

In my gentle, mindful yoga world there's excitement about the practice's ability to help people build resilience. Keep practicing!

Recently, the NY Times published an article on the topic.

Results from extensive interviews of highly resilient people revealed shared characteristics.

All of the research I have read about resilience and wellbeing shares one important factor: the importance of connections, both inner and external.

Here's the top ten characteristics of resilient people:

1. They have a positive, realistic outlook.

2.They find positive within the negative situations.

3. They are guided by a clear sense of right and wrong.

4.They have a belief in something greater than themselves.

5.They are connected to and supported by a community.

6. They are altruistic; have compassion and tend to exhibit selflessness.

7. They are often dedicated to causes they find meaningful and that give them a sense of purpose.

8. They accept what they cannot change and focus energy on what they can change.

9. In a difficult situation they look for meaningful opportunities.

10. They commit themselves to a meaningful mission in life, which gives them courage and strength.

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