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You Belong Here

There are certain poems that I return to time and again. They are the ones that help you recharge your spirit and teach you something new about the world.

Rosemerry Trommer's poetry site, A Hundred Falling Veils. offers many of these "mindful poems". She started writing a poem a day as a self-challenge in 2006! This site offers her daily first drafts. You can find out more about Rosemerry at "You Belong Here" was written on Saturday, this past weekend.


You Belong Here

August 29, 2020 by Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer

for SRB

You belong here—

here in the world

of wonder and fear,

of Zumba and street fights,

of pink hats and protests.

You belong here

with your questions,

your anger, your trust,

your voluptuous cursive,

your stubborn tears,

you belong here.

With your fine darkness,

your involuntary shine,

your shuttered faith

and your reckless love,

your uncertainty,

you belong here—

in the alleys, the rooms,

in the meadows, the halls,

in the sacred cathedral

of your body.

Whether or not

you asked to be here,

whether or not

you feel wanted here

here is where you belong.

It is for you the moment arrives,

wondering what comes next.

It is for you the next breath

finds your body and fills you,

it’s for you, this day, you

right here where you belong.

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