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ABC's of Life

Good Morning and Happy Friday,

Look through this poet's list and see if you agree with a few of these abc's!



What to Expect

by Katie Manning

Expect accidents.

Expect acne, additives, age, and airbags.

Expect alcohol, allergies, and altitude.

Expect analgesics.

Expect animals, ankles, and antidepressants.

Expect autopsy findings.

Expect bathing, bending, botanicals, and breaking news.

Expect bruises.

Expect cabbage leaves.

Expect castor oil and cats.

Expect cell phones, chemicals, Chlamydia, and clay.

Expect cleaning products, cocaine, and cold weather.

Expect computer monitors.

Expect copper, costs, and coughing exercises.

Expect dance workouts and death.

Expect diving, Doppler, driving, and dromedary droop.

Expect embarrassment.

Expect electric blankets and equal employment.

Expect eyes and facials.

Expect failure, fantasies, fast food, and feet.

Expect fig bars, fingernails, fish, flying, football, and freckles.

Expect fruit juice.

Expect gardening.

Expect German measles, grains, grief, and guns.

Expect hair.

Expect heat lamps and hiccups.

Expect hiking, horseback riding, hot tubs, and hot weather.

Expect hypnosis.

Expect ice skating, insect repellent, and itching.

Expect jet lag and jogging.

Expect kick-boxing.

Expect K-Y jelly.

Expect lacerations and laser eye surgery.

Expect lead exposure and lovemaking.

Expect manicures, marijuana, masks, and meat.

Expect meditation, milk aversion, and moles.

Expect mosquito bites and music.

Expect nasal strips.

Expect nicotine patches, noise, and NutraSweet.

Expect on-line drug shopping.

Expect optimism.

Expect organ donation and organic produce.

Expect outside influences.

Expect paint fumes, pasteurization, peanuts, pesticides, and pets.

Expect pins and needles.

Expect raspberry leaf tea.

Expect red palms, reduction, religious belief, and rest.

Expect ribs, ripening, and risk.

Expect rowing machines.

Expect saddle block.

Expect safety, saliva, and salt.

Expect scalp stimulation and scuba diving.

Expect seat belts, sex, and shoes.

Expect skiing and skin


Expect smells.

Expect softball, stockings, and stomach bug.

Expect sugar, sunblock and sushi.

Expect tai chi, tears, teeth, and ticks.

Expect toes, touching, train travel.

Expect vaporizers, vegetables, and vision.

Expect warts and water, workouts and witch hazel.

Expect x-rays.

Expect yoga and zinc.

~ Photo by Surendran MP on Unsplash

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