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This moving film features the poem, "Blessing for Sound" by David Whyte, one of my favorite poets. His narration, the essence of the poem, and the background of the sea create a soul-stirring experience. You don't want to miss this!

Blessing for Sound

from The Bell and the Blackbird by David Whyte

I thank you,

for the smallest sound,

for the way my ears open

even before my eyes,

as if to remember

the way everything began

with an original, vibrant, note,

and I thank you for this

everyday original music,

always being rehearsed,

always being played,

always being remembered

as something new

and arriving, a tram line

below in the city street,

gull cries, or a ship’s horn

in the distant harbour,

so that in waking I hear voices

even where there is no voice

and invitations where

there is no invitation

so that I can wake with you

by the ocean, in summer

or in the deepest seemingly

quietest winter,

and be with you

so that I can hear you

even with my eyes closed,

even with my heart closed,

even before I fully wake.

- Poet David Whyte in collaboration with filmmaker Andrew Hinton and composer Owen Ó Súilleabháin.

- Poem text and context:

Film commission by Emergence Magazine and produced by Pilgrim Films:

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