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Day Two Mindfulness Challenge

Hello and welcome to the second day of your mindfulness meditation challenge!

Come back to my greenhouse and practice. Today's meditation starts at the 11:00 minute mark if you want to go straight to it.

The link to the video is HERE

This practice includes both a description and exploration of the box breathing technique as well as a "Naming" Meditation.

I hope you will find time to practice the two breathing techniques we've covered to get familiar with them. Take an extra five to ten minutes to sit in quiet, stretch, then let your mind rest using the breath as an anchor when your mind wanders.

We will gather in Zoom Wednesday at 11:00 am. Bring your questions!

The Zoom link for our meeting is: HERE

Today's poem reminds us why we practice.

Poem by Barbara Faulds

Do not Let the Day Slip Through Your Fingers

"Do not let the day slip through your fingers, but live it fully now, this breath, this moment, catapulting you into full awareness. Time is precious, minutes disappear like water into sand, unless you choose to pay attention. Since you do not know the number of your days, treat each as if it is your last. Be that compassionate with yourself, that open and loving to others, that determined to give what is yours to give and to let in the energy and wonder of this world.

Experience everything, writing, relating, eating, doing all the little necessary tasks of life as if for the first time…pushing nothing aside as unimportant.

You have received these same reminders many times before, this time, take them into your soul.

For if you choose to live this way, you will be rich beyond measure, grateful beyond words, and the day of your death will arrive with no regrets." ~ Donna Faulds

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