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Growth in the Shadows

Daylight saving time began on Sunday for those living in North a we. When the dark time grows longer, some people struggle. May you feel "welcome and growth in the shadows", as Jan Richardson writes in this thoughtful blessing.

"A Blessing for Traveling in the Dark"

By Jan Richardson

Go slow if you can. Slower. More slowly still. Friendly dark or fearsome, this is no place to break your neck by rushing, by running, by crashing into what you cannot see. Then again, it is true: different darks have different tasks, and if you have arrived here unawares, if you have come in peril or in pain, this might be no place you should dawdle. I do not know what these shadows ask of you, what they might hold that means you good or ill. It is not for me to reckon whether you should linger or you should leave. But this is what I can ask for you: That in the darkness there be a blessing. That in the shadows there be a welcome. That in the night you be encompassed by the Love that knows your name.

from Jan Richardson's blog, The Advent Door

© Jan Richardson,

Cover Photo by Maria Ionova on Unsplash

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