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This poem is your invitation. What does it invite you to do?

"There is no compass but love."


by Heather Swan

When my shoulders feel too slight to carry injustice,

And my arms reach too short to hold the world,

And my bones are too weak to carry even a single aching heart

I walk amongst the aspen and the spruce

And notice how the light shines through the changing leaves

Such radiance such golden shine

And slowly

The rational part of me that believes in doom

Is forced to fade

It’s not so simple, oh course, as walking out into the forest

But there is something there, that grows the soul, and breathes a sense of possibility.

And tells the aching heart to Rise Up RISE UP and do the work that must be done.

Rise up and carry with it the light

There is no compass but love.

- Photo by Ísak Hejnesen on Unsplash

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