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Invitation to a Journey of Connection

This Summer, after more than twenty years of morning journal writing, I stopped. Life got busy with travelling, family concerns and other committments. When my travels ended, I began feeling unsettled without a daily mindful practice. Eventually my old foe, "anxiety", crept back into my days.

A daily mindful practice grounds you.

Fortunately, my path to finding daily calm is worn smoothe by many years of practice. It's ready for my return. My mind and body are ready too! I'm coming back to my mindful practice with a different twist. The morning pause wiIl include a few moments of reflection upon a poem, blessing, work of art or a song.

I would love some company on the journey.

Through this blog, I'll share my selections. The posts will be available in the morning by eight a.m. I hope you'll join me on the path!

May we all be well,


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