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Let It Flow

In autumn we watch the trees flash their brilliant colors. By winter, they have space for new growth.

After a personal significant loss it can be difficult to imagine there will be growth again.

Let nature be your guide today in a meditation of release and softening in your body. Please enjoy a meditation called "Let It Flow" and then James Crews' poem, "Beech Trees in Spring".

Let It Flow

"Beech Trees in Spring"

by James Crews

I want to be like the maples,

letting go so easily of their leaves

in the slightest autumn breeze,

surrendering every piece of themselves

they no longer need, and embracing bareness

like a new suit they can simply step into.

But I’m more like the beech trees,

which cling to the husks of their leaves

long into spring, refusing to give up

even a scrap of who they once were

until the last possible minute.

Perhaps they need the reassurance,

or maybe they’re here to lend music

to the silence of winter, leaves

beaten thin as tissue paper rustling

a lonely chorus in the snow-covered woods—

until buds push up to the surface,

and with no other choice, they say yes

to the final scatter and release,

seeing again, as if for the first time,

how loss leaves room for something new.

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