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Orginal Medicine

Today you will meet an engaging man known as Oom (uncle) Johannes. He is is a herb doctor, healer, storyteller, and teacher. At age 95 years old, he remains dedicated to healing others.

- Three passionate filmmakers (Michael, Justine and Jackie) make up Green Renaissance. I keep returning to their site for their inspiring work. Please check out the Green Renaissance youtube channel HERE.

- More information about Oom Johannes's herbs and the work he does -

- Filmed in the Karoo, near Beaufort West, South Africa.

- Music sourced from ArtList -

Thank You For This World - by Borrtex

Up In The Andes - by Max H

The Builder - by Lane King

- Sound mix by Tamryn Breakey and Stef Albertyn

- Picture from Karoo Space

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