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Really, It's Not Just You!

If your mind wanders, you're in good company. You may even be surprised at how many thoughts can arise in a short amount of time. Today we do a short experiment where we find out how many we have in only two minutes. The experiment is at the beginning of the video. If you want to go straight to the meditation, it starts at the ten-minute mark.

If you try the experiment, send a quick email to me with your number, just for fun!

It's a pivotal moment when you can recognize your thoughts because that's when you can start to cultivate a new relationship with them. We'll continue to work with this practice in different ways.

Sometimes we get so lost in thought that we miss something interesting. It helps to have a friend to remind us as this poem describes.


by Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer

Just because I don’t see the edge

doesn’t mean the edge isn’t there.

Walking with Amy through the scrub oak woods,

I had no idea that just to my right

was a deep canyon. I could have walked on for miles

believing the world was flat

if she hadn’t suggested we walk off the trail

to see the gaping chasm.

It wasn’t that she was trying to teach me,

she was just doing what she does—

straying from the path to see what else is there.

Now I am looking everywhere for edges—

in every conversation, in every thought.

Now, I am looking at everyone as a teacher.

I have no idea what they see that I don’t.

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