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Sand in the Sky

Precious, funny, poignant, tender, thought-provoking, and mindful are a few words that describe the short film, "Sand in the Sky" by the makers at Gnarly Bay. I've watched this four-minute film many times. Each viewing touches me in a different way.

Some people claim they can remember early moments in their life; ages 2 or 3. My earliest memory was of my mother bringing home a baby, my brother Douglas, when I was age four. Even at age four, I'm not sure if I made up my memory from pictures!

In this film, Oliver Saint, father of 18-month-old Ollie, took on the monumental task of interviewing his 18-month-old child while on a family trip to Hawaii. Oliver hoped that the memories instilled by the trip would encourage his son to be curious and appreciate nature.

Saint said: "I want to believe that all of our experiences, whether they are in our conscious memories or not, help make us who we are."

What mindful qualities did you observe in the "Sand in the Sky"?

*Image credit Gnarly Bay

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