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Spring Flower Meditation

Flower gazing meditation is a sweet method of grounding youreself in the present. In the Spring there are plenty of choices for your practice. When you spend time to gaze at a flower, taking in its curves, textures, and colors; it compels you to stay present and can increase your appreciation of the beauty of nature. Begin the practice by taking time to select a flower that brings joy to you. The joy could come from an associated memory, the smell, the color, whatever attracts you to it.

Start by placing the flower in a vase before you.

Sit up tall, with the crown of your head reaching up toward the sky. Place your hands face down on your knees and close your eyes for a moment. Close your eyes and exhale slowly then inhale your breath until your belly rises, and then slowly release it. Roll your shoulders back and let them relax.

When you feel settled, begin your concentration activity. Gently open your eyes and look at your flower. Notice the variations of color and texture. Then bring your eyes to a soft gaze and notice its outline. Pause and take a breath then slowly exhale. Keep your focus on the flower without blinking or closing your eyes all the way. Stay curious and take in the whole shape with your eyes still in a soft gaze.

When you need to blink, close your eyes and imagine the flower that you were just concentrating on. Can you remember the color and the shape of the flower? See if you can keep it at the front of your mind as if it were a picture. Focus on the picture you just created until it fades away. Once this happens, slowly open your eyes. See how well you remembered the flower that is in front of you.

Finish with a thought of gratitude for the beauty of the experience.

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