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The Last Day of the World

One of my favorite poets is Rosemerry Trommer. Her poem - "The Last Day of the

World" is so rich with imagery that it makes a perfect mindful poem. I challenged myself to memorize it for you!

Here it is in text:

On the Last Day of the World

by Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer

On the last day of the world, I would want

to feed you. Raspberries. Thin slices of apple.

Peaches so ripe they drip down our chins,

down our necks.

I would want to sit with you

beneath a tree, no we’ll climb a tree, no

we’ll plant a tree, yes all of these.

On the last day of the world, I want to give myself permission

to feel exactly what I feel, to be exactly who I am,

to shed every layer of should and meet you that way.

Knowing we have only hours left,

could we put down our arguments with ourselves

and each other and find no energy to pick them up again?

On that day, I want us to write the last poem

together and let the writing undo us, let it teach us

how to get out of the way, how to obey what emerges.

Let’s run outside, no matter the weather, and praise

the light till the light is gone, and then praise the dark.

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