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The Lion and the Bird

As I prepared to write a review of the children's book, The Lion and the Bird, a timeless story about loneliness and friendship by the French Canadian graphic designer and illustrator Marianne Dubuc; the usual doubts crossed my mind.

"Will people enjoy this book as much as I did?"

"Do people think I'm a little crazy when I review children's books?"

And so on. There is always hesitation and self doubt when I start writing a children's book review.

The book was sitting on the kitchen table where I was working. In walked my husband who picked up the book and started reading it. Here we go, I thought. What smart ass comment will he make? His reading preferences lean toward history books like his latest, which an appendix of more than 150 pages of notes, bibliography and an index.

Watching him read through the book, tears came to his eyes when the story came to its pivotal moment. He started fumbling with the book and tried to turn the page, but somehow the ending pages were stuck together. Without a resolution, he thought the book had ended in a desperate moment. He said: "It can't end like this!"

No, it did not end like that. This warm hearted tale must be read to the very end!

You can listen here.

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