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The Unwinding by Jackie Morris

The mysterious woman asked "Do you dream when you are awake? do you imagine in words, in images?

Her name is only known to a handful of people. The bear knows."

The Unwinding, is an enchanting otherworldly tale. It is not meant to be read cover to cover.

Rather, it is designed to be savored and leisurely enjoyed.

The watercolor images were created by author and illustrator, Jackie Morris who painted them on her down time, as she relaxed.

Together the images and words are a catalyst for relaxing your imagination and soothing your soul, and are a healthy prescription.

The woman asks many questions of the bear. "What is the shape of your imagination? Are dreams important to you, part of the pattern of your soul?

The bear replies; "Why do you wish to know?"

She answers: "To better understand the geography of my heart; how it fits with the pattern of yours."

This book will visit you in your dreams.

It is a treasure to behold.

In "wren song, anticipation of nightingales, hare's breath, pigment and word", The Unwinding is a gift.

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