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Undivided Attention

Take a moment today to pause with the words of artist, Nic Askew.

When you have more than a moment, explore his Soul Biographies.

Nic explains:

“… I’ve set out to capture the Soul of This Human Race on film, in all its shades and from all four corners. So that we might see ourselves reflected in each other. So that we might see beyond all differences. So that we might come to remember that we belong to each other without condition, and act accordingly.”

"Undivided and So Still Attention"

~ Poem by Nic Askew

Before your words

of encouragement

and well-timed advice.

Before items gifted at

beyond an arm’s length.

Did you ever consider

the one thing that

might turn the

entire world

on its axis.

Your undivided

and so still attention.

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