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"The more I wonder the more I love"

~Alice Walker's Color of Purple

Opening to wonder is a core practice of Namaste Connections. 

Staying curious about life creates vibrance and brain agility.

When you open yourself to wonder,


"you see the bigger picture and become more flexible and attuned to others. It increases creativity and wisdom and makes you more resourceful. It opens you up and transforms you for the better".

~ Barbara L. Fredrickson, Phd., Love 2.0

Get Started!

Build your practice by doing one activity in each of the categories each week.

Category #1

Based on the definition of Wonder as a noun -

"a feeling of surprise mingled with admiration caused by something beautiful, unexpected, unfamiliar or inexplicable"

1. Go for a walk and listen for a song of a bird, look for a plant you've never noticed before, find the tallest tree, find an interesting rock, or some other unusual object.

2. On a clear day watch either the sunrise or sunset.

3. Do an unexpected act of kindness for a neighbor and notice how the new connection reveals itself.

4. Listen to an old favorite song as if you are hearing for the first time.

5. Set your intention in the morning for two things to go "right"during your day and note them in your morning pages the next day.

6. Visit an art museum, look for a painting, scupture, etc. that makes you smile.

7. Watch a favorite movie again

8. Shop at a small, local business for some items instead of a large box store and ask how the business got started.

9. Visit a park or garden. (Virtual or in person.) Click here for a virtual tour of Central Park.

10. Take a few quiet moments to notice the miracle of breathing in and out!

Category #2

Based on Wonder as a verb - 
"a wish or desire to know something or a state in which you want to learn more about something"

1. Read an article about something you want to learn.

2. Find out how something works that you don't understand.

3. Read a book about a well respected hero/heroine.

4. Read poetry that is new to you. 

5. Try your hand at a craft.

6. Find out about and a class to learn something new in person or online.

7. Listen to a genre music that you've never heard.

8. Watch a documentary about something you want to know more about.

9. Explore new cuisine.

10. Play a game you've never tried.

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