yoga "shorts"

Short Yoga Practices - Enjoy a Quick Stretch!

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Moving Cat/Cow

Keep your spine flexible! This is a practice you can do everyday.

Moving Tree Pose

Balance, strength, open


Warrior Two, Arm Rotation

Open tight shoulders.

Five Pointed Star

Open your heart and energize!

Moving Mountain


Side to Side

Stress relief for neck and hips.

Hamstrings &

Stay flexible - great for tight leg muscles and opens up chest area to ease breath flow.

Go with the Flow

Breathe, gently twist, say yes to the day!

Seated Neck Stretch

Release neck tension!

Mountain and Tree Poses with Chair

Explore your balance with or without the assistance of a chair. Yogi's choice! 

Chair Yoga for Hips

Tight hips? Release tension and stress with a quick practice.

Chair Yoga for the Neck & Shoulders

Loosen the neck and shoulders with this chair yoga practice.

Yoga for Your Brain!

This yoga practice promotes clarity and focus through the integration of the right and left hemispheres of the brain.

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